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Model PPL Discharge Station
This machine adopts Passive/ Active Valve technology
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This machine adopts Passive/ Active Valve technology, with low energy and high frequency vibration,
prevents bridging, promotes mass flow, overcomes powder segregation to realize the discharging and
filling process for free flowing and poor flowing materials. It is provided with accurate dosing capability satisfied the cleaning philosophy and chemical compatibility and is used for the production of powders and tablets.


■ Good containment
■ Normally the passive valve locates on the IBC, drum or charging vessel. Mechanical locking system will only open when interfaced with Active Valve.
■ External surface of the valves is not exposed to product.
■ The active valve interfaces with passive valve, facilitates the locking/unlocking and open/closing of valve halves .It adopts manual or automatic operation. Typically it is located on discharge and charging station.
■ The oscillating bar is vibrated with low energy and high fre quency. It prevents bridging, promotes mass flow, over comes powder segregation, and discharges extremely diffi cult flowing product with ease.

Passive/ Active Valve System

1. Passive valve and active valve cannot
be opened until they are interfaced and locked, avoiding their accidental opening and material coming out.
2. During the opening process, the two valves are closely attached to each other and the external surface of them is not expose to materials, which avoids contaminating materials to realize closed production.

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